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Remedy:Hair Nutrient Deficiency

Deva veda’s predominant product Svaasthy Hair nutrient oil is one that will establish the traditional ayurvedic therapetics of kerala in the global arena

A 100% herbal product containing more than 30 herbs is literally a nutrient for Hair-scalp care. Svaasthy contains all necessary nutrients for different stages of  hair care process, beginning form scalp skin preservation to complete hair growth.

Phenomenal Qualities:

  1. Permeates/enters deep through/ into the scalp skin and renders vital/fundamental/significant nutrients for hair growth.
  2. Preserves the scalp skin healthily.
  3. Besides providing inevitable nutrients for healthy hair and scalps it also functions as an accelerator.
  4. Conserves the firmness/strength and elasticity of the hair.
  5. Imparts root strength to the hair.
  6. Augments/boost/promotes the blood circulation in the scalps.
  7. Prevents the scalps from getting dry.
  8. Keeps the scalps healthy by enhancing the oxygen flow in the scalp cells.
  9. Scalp nerval dysfunctions are stabilized to its normal functioning.
  10. Eradicates all scalp skin diseases caused by bacterias, fungus etc.
  11. Inhibits all pathogens and preserves the hair and scalp skin healthily.

Important facts:

  • Don’t use at instances/times while the head and scalps are frizzled or perspired, or when the atmosphere is warmed up(mostly during morning 11 to 4).Do not indulge in activities that make you sweaty after applying svaasthy to your hair.
  • Wash only after a fixed period of time. Do not stroke your hair vigorously in order to dry it. Instead delicately stroke your hair in a manner sufficient enough to dry your hair otherwise wrap up the towel above your hair smoothly. Hairstyles formed by exorbitantly pulling and stretching the hair strands should be avoided at least for the time being.


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