To control premature greying and provide essential nutrients for hair growth through combination of nature given herbs and sherbs is what Deva veda’s SHYAMA BLACKENING HERBAL OIL is meant for.

All hair oil products available in the market advertised as a remedy for premature graying does not contain any herbal ingredients instead they contain only harmful chemical compositions. This realization led us to the creation of an organic medicinal composition as an answer to this existing malpractice.

Amla, hibiscus, kaiyonni, henna and green tea leaves and 20 other herbs are used as ingredients in deva veda shyama herbal blackening hair oil is a 100% organic oil composition. Containing no chemicals this product is capable of achieving fruitful gains without any side effects.

Phenomenal qualities:

  • Suffuses deep into the scalp skin imparting nutrients to the hair roots
  • Preserves the blackness of the hair by increasing the melanin content in the hair
  • Preserves the concentration of melanin in the hair strands and hair scalps without any loss
  • Prevents dryness in the hair scalps and hair strands
  • Provides healthy and shining hair

Factors influencing the results unfavourably

People suffering from hereditary genetic disorders, natural greying due to ageing, side effects of heavy allopathic medicines administered for improving skin complexion and many others, people using chemical dyes and shampoo for a prolonged period of time, for restricting the production of melanin and people who have consumed medicines for other hormone medicines

For such people to attain complete results a long term use is required, so consistent and regular is necessary.


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