Red sandalwood has many uses for your hair, feet, skin and a variety of ailments. It helps promote a clean and clear skin tone, and maintain a good complexion.

Make a paste to treat your pimples using red sandalwood powder, turmeric and water. As a night time treatment, apply the paste on to your pimples. Add a small piece of camphor to the formula for a cooling affect. Your pimples should fade away within a few hours.

Combining coconut oil, almond oil and sandalwood powder makes a great toner. Apply the combination to all of the exposed parts on your face. The toner will keep your skin tone balanced. This combination can also remove an unwanted suntan.

Red Sandalwood Powder, also known as Rakta Chandana Powder, has been used in Ayurvedic medicine as an antiseptic, wound-healing agent, and as an anti-acne treatment. Red Sandalwood Powder can be made into a paste with honey and water and used directly on the face. It can also be combined with ashwagandha and cosmetic clays or mud for a detoxifying facial. Red Sandalwood Powder is used in soap to yield a dark maroon to purple color. Try using 1 teaspoon of Red Sandalwood Powder per pound of soap. It should be added at light trace.

Deva veda’s Red sandal is natural wood collected from the government authorities, B grade wood using to make the powder, under hygienic level.



NB : all red color powders are not Red sandal wood                              



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